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Verso Energy to Study Turning Biogenic Carbon Dioxide from Saillat Mill into Sustainable Aviation Fuel




BRUSSELS – Verso Energy will conduct a feasibility study on building a large-scale facility capable of producing sustainable aviation fuel using biogenic carbon dioxide at Sylvamo’s pulp and paper mill in Saillat, France.

The companies signed a memorandum of understanding for Verso Energy to capture biogenic carbon dioxide and combine it with green hydrogen to produce synthetic aviation fuel, known as eSAF.

Beginning in 2025, all flights departing airports throughout the European Union must use at least 2% synthetic aviation fuel. That percentage gradually increases every five years until reaching 70% by 2050. 

"This significant biogenic carbon dioxide stream will contribute to developing a French sustainable fuel production industry aimed at reducing aviation's carbon footprint. It is an essential lever for meeting the sector’s climate commitments, maintaining a dynamic and innovative industrial footprint in our region and contributing to our energy sovereignty," said Verso Energy Chief Executive Officer Antoine Huard.

If successful, Verso Energy will obtain the required permits and raise the needed funding to build the facility, which could be completed in 2029.

“We are intrigued by Verso Energy’s concept of transforming biogenic carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel,” said Oliver Taudien, Sylvamo senior vice president and general manager, Europe. “We look forward to working with Verso Energy as they study the project’s potential.”

Verso Energy will make all investments related to the project. If the project is commissioned, Sylvamo will become a Verso Energy supplier without impacting pulp or paper production.