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Chamex Institute Celebrates 15 Years of Transforming Realities Through Education



MOGI GUACU – The Chamex Institute, a nonprofit that transforms the lives of children, young people and adults through education and part of Sylvamo, the world's paper company, is celebrating 15 years of impacting people’s lives across Brazil. 

The institute has invested more than $3.5 million to impact the lives of more than 600,000 people. Last year, it spent more than $700,000, benefiting more than 62,000 people directly and another 187,000 indirectly. 

“Completing 15 years is an extraordinary milestone. We work tirelessly to improve education in Brazil. Breaking cycles requires creativity, which we leverage as our driving force to make education more accessible, inclusive, equitable and transformative,” said Mariana Claudio, executive manager, Chamex Institute. 

The Chamex Institute addresses national education challenges and improves people’s lives where Sylvamo does business. 

Educational projects include: 

Other projects focus on where Sylvamo team members live and work, like the Generation Sylvamo apprentice program that offers technical courses for socially vulnerable students. To date, 550 students have graduated from the program, with approximately 70% getting jobs with Sylvamo.  

“The program was the best opportunity of my life. It was where I started my career and got to know different professional segments, until I decided which area I wanted to pursue,” said program graduate Natalia Silva, who currently volunteers with the program and works as a teacher. 

About Instituto Chamex 

Created in 2008, the Chamex Institute places creativity as a central element for building a more accessible, inclusive, equitable and transformative education. The Institute works in a network with several partners to encourage the development of students, teachers and educational agents in early childhood, primary and secondary education, supporting and developing projects to enable a new future for thousands of Brazilians. 

For more information about the Chamex Institute, institutochamex.com.br

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