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Sylvamo, Cirkular Announce New Sustainability Partnership, ‘Tree-To-Feed’ Project



NYMOLLA, Sweden –  Sylvamo, the world’s paper company, is proud to announce a new partnership at its Nymolla, Sweden, mill with industrial biotechnology company Cirkular.

The “Tree-to-Feed” project is powered by Cirkular’s proprietary technology, which ferments pulp by-products from the paper manufacturing process to produce Cirkulein™, a high-quality, sustainable feed protein ingredient.

Cirkulein is one ingredient in aqua feed. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will conduct feeding trials to evaluate the digestibility and growth of fish fed Cirkulein.

“We look forward to collaborating on this innovative project. Our purpose is to produce paper in the most responsible and sustainable ways,” said Michael Lindemann, Nymolla mill manager. “By providing our by-products as a raw material, we can reduce waste and contribute even more to the circular economy.”

If successful, the project could provide a sustainable, locally produced ingredient for the aqua feed industry while reducing the emissions and supply chain costs of producing and transporting feed.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Sylvamo. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our technology and product quality on a larger scale. We offer a sustainable feed solution, in large volumes, at a competitive price point , supporting the growing demand for aqua feed in the Nordics and globally. We are also very enthusiastic to be able to create impactful sustainable industrialization in our regional community in the Skane region and look forward to seeing what ripple effects this can have.” said Eric Oste, Cirkular’s chief executive officier.

The project, partially funded by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, will begin as a pilot in September but could produce tens of thousands of tons of Cirkulein annually.

About Sylvamo
Sylvamo (NYSE: SLVM) is the world’s paper company with mills in Europe, Latin America and North America. Our vision is to be the employer, supplier and investment of choice. We transform renewable resources into papers that people depend on for education, communication and entertainment. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, we employ more than 6,500 colleagues. Net sales for 2022 were $3.6 billion. 

About Cirkular
Cirkular is an industrial biotechnology company focused on transforming by-products into high-quality protein feed ingredients. Utilizing nature’s own decomposers - filamentous fungi - Cirkular unlocks the potential of 2nd  generation biomass, enabling a circular bioeconomy and promoting sustainable feed solutions. To learn more about Cirkular, visit cirkular.bio.


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