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Sylvamo Announces Partnership with The Nature Conservancy



MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Sylvamo is announcing a $1 million commitment to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) supporting work that advances TNC's mission in Tennessee and the Appalachian Mountains. In 2021, TNC identified the Appalachians as one of four global priorities for conservation.

Sylvamo's gift will support identifying, conserving and enhancing lands located within a network of natural highways and neighborhoods where plant and animal species have the best chance of thriving in a changing climate. A team of more than 100 scientists will lead the work based on a decade of research. TNC will also dedicate a portion of the funds towards working with partners to restore and sustainably manage Appalachian forests, and identify opportunities where nature can serve as a solution to promoting healthier lands, waters and communities.

Ten percent of funds are dedicated to advancing priorities in Tennessee for:​

“The future of paper deserves a company committed to the success of the entire ecosystem, and we know healthy forests play a critical role in mitigating climate change, protecting water quality, clean air and biodiversity," said Sylvamo Chief Sustainability Officer James McDonald. “We are thrilled to support one of TNC's 2030 Global Priority areas and the work taking place in Tennessee and the Appalachian Mountains that provides natural climate solutions for healthy communities and resilient landscapes."

Supporting conservation in Tennessee, and throughout the Appalachian Mountains, helps Sylvamo pursue its vision of being the world's paper company by transforming renewable resources into papers that people depend on for education, communication and entertainment.​​

For more information, view TNC's news release.​

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