Safety is our most important responsibility. We strive to ensure that everyone understands how to work safely and develop and maintain processes designed to fail safely.



People Before Paper




In 2023, we launched People Before Paper, a safety message created to help our employees, contractors and other key stakeholders understand we care for people first, no matter what.

We also rolled out our safety leadership training program and successfully trained over 77% of employees and 117 contractors. This curriculum helps our colleagues understand how and why people behave the way they do with respect to safety and risk-taking and the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

"Through safe work observations, safety leadership training and beyond, we are continuously improving our approach to safety and well-being with buy-in and ownership from our team members. We collaborate with each other to find solutions.”  

Lindsay Macaulay
Global Director, Health and Safety

2023 Serious Injuries or Life-changing Incidents

When measuring our safety progress, we assess all injuries, no matter the severity. We take our safety performance very seriously and place emphasis on making sure serious or life-changing injuries among employees and contractors do not reoccur.

We will continue using leading indicators to work safer than the day before to achieve our goal of injury-free workplaces. 

Serious Injuries or Life-changing Incidents
Employees 1
Contractors 0
Total* 1
*Reduced serious injuries by 75% from previous year
Employees Contractors Total*
Serious Injuries or Life-changing Incidents 1 0 1
*Reduced serious injuries by 75% from previous year