Our Ethical Ecosystem

The way we source sustainable fiber results in more forests and healthier ecosystems. The way we make paper supports good jobs and helps our communities thrive. We are all part of one ecosystem, supported by the promise of paper.

Reducing Energy Use and Greenhouse Gasses Reducing Energy Use and Greenhouse Gasses

Reducing Energy Use and Greenhouse Gasses

We continue to reduce our energy use and emissions through reduction projects and process improvements. We also decrease greenhouse gas emissions by fuel switching – replacing fossil fuels with renewable biomass.
Water Stewardship Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

Sylvamo fosters healthy, sustainable watersheds by continuously reducing water use per ton of paper produced and by continuously improving the quality of the water we return to the environment.
Human Rights Human Rights

Human Rights

Sylvamo supports international principles of human rights, including those expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. We hold our suppliers to the same ethical standards to which we hold ourselves.  
Sustainability Policies Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Policies

Our sustainability policies reflect our commitment to be the employer, supplier and investment of choice.
Certifications Certifications


Sylvamo’s numerous, globally recognized certifications affirm our socio-economic commitment to forestry and business practices that protect the environment, communities and humane labor practices.
Supporting People and Communities Supporting People and Communities

We invest in our employees and communities, because they make us who we are.

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Responsible Forestry Responsible Forestry

Learn how Sylvamo expands forests and supports healthy forest ecosystems.

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