We are committed to improve our climate impact and stewardship of natural resources. As a global producer of uncoated freesheet paper, we depend on a sustainable supply of fiber, water and energy to make our products.

Fiber By The Numbers

We are committed to sourcing 100% of our fiber from sustainably managed forests. Percent of wood sourced by country:

of wood sourced in Brazil
of wood sourced in France
of wood sourced in Sweden
of wood sourced in United States
of wood sourced in other countries*
*Primarily Poland, Germany and Portugal

100 %

Globally, 100% of sourced fiber followed the FSC® Controlled Wood standard

99 %

of our owned forestland is certified to the FSC (C101761) Forest Management standard

60 %

of fiber sourced globally is FSC and/or PEFC certified



Energy is vital to papermaking and we are proud of our efforts to reduce energy usage. We generate more than 85% of our total mill energy needs from renewable, carbon-neutral biomass residuals rather than fossil fuels. Biomass residuals are the by-products from converting a tree into cellulose pulp.

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(Scope 1, 2 and 3)

Total gross Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by region (metric tons CO2e)

Scope 1 Emissions 51,759
Scope 2 Emissions* 4,205
Scope 3 Emissions 801,514
Latin America
Scope 1 Emissions 146,846
Scope 2 Emissions* 29,014
Scope 3 Emissions 2,064,332
North America
Scope 1 Emissions 493,842
Scope 2 Emissions* 41,596
Scope 3 Emissions 1,474,541
*Location and market based
Scope 1 Emissions Scope 2 Emissions* Scope 3 Emissions
Europe 51,759 4,205 801,514
Latin America 146,846 29,014 2,064,332
North America 493,842 41,596 1,474,541
*Location and market based

Water Stewardship



Water is a vital element in our operations and is necessary to produce our product. Good quality freshwater allows us to generate steam and energy, produce paper and keep wood preserved. As a part of our 2030 Goals, we want to reduce the amount of water consumed per ton of production by 25%, and to implement context-based water stewardship plans at our mills.


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